I'm a die-hard Windows developer and Microsoft fanboy.


brot cloud? (in development)

brot cloud? is a Mandelbrot fractal generator built in HTML 5 and Typescript with some SignalR thrown in to make it multi-user.

Maze Game? (early proof of concept)

Maze Game was assembled from a couple javascript libraries I found. One for doing dynamic point source lighting on a canvas and the other for drawing random mazes in svg. I thought it would be interesting to have a maze where you only see walls lit by a lantern carried by the maze walker. Currently does not have collision detection so you can walk through walls and it does not start you at the start or detect when you reach the end. Like I said, it's a proof of concept.

Super Timeline

Super Timeline uses MIT's Timeline Widget to visualize upcoming super hero movies.

Twitter Timeline

Twitter Timeline uses MIT's Timeline Widget to visualize your tweets. Twitter broke this a while back when they started throttling then limiting access to the api.


Kabosh! is a free, hot-seat dice game for one to four players. Rack up points as you try to beat your friends to the winning score but watch out for the Kabosh or you'll lose all your points.